What You Should Know Before Hiring a Mini Digger

Mini diggers, also known as mini excavators, put real power into your hands, enabling you to shift tonnes of earth in less time and with minimal effort required. Whether you are excavating trenches, building a swimming pool, or scraping and levelling earth to pave for a driveway, the mini digger always comes in handy. However, before you take the plunge and look for mini digger hire, take your time and carefully consider the following points.

Consider the access
Mini diggers are designed to access tight areas where it would not be possible for large diggers. However, you should not assume that since it is ‘mini’ the digger will fit necessarily. Diggers come in all sizes and shapes. Before you go for a mini digger hire, get a tape measure to ensure that access is not going to be hindered.

How rough is your terrain?
Safety is very crucial in any construction task and the kind of terrain the mini digger is expected to traverse has to be considered carefully. Bigger heavier mini diggers are more stable, while ‘micro’ diggers, may struggle and become unstable on an inclined or rough terrain. Ensure that you do your homework before hiring.

Ease of operation.
Some mini diggers may require more skills and expertise to handle than others.If you are a beginner driver, ask the hire company for advice on ones that are straightforward and easy to operate for a beginner.

Is it compatible with your other available equipment?
If you plan on using your mini digger with a variety of other attachments for different tasks, then check to make sure that your attachments are compatible with the mini digger you want to hire or hire the attachments from the same dealer.

Consider the height you are dumping at
This will largely depend on your dump or skip truck, but ensure that your digger is able to reach high enough and dump the excavated material. Carefully think about the dig zone and the position of the digger relative to the dump truck. If the dump truck is on a higher ground, then you may want to consider a larger mini digger.

How heavy is the mini digger?
This is a vital factor for consideration since the weight of mini diggers varies, and this may cause problems if you have not thought about the load-bearing capacity of your site carefully, and also if there are any bridges and access roads. Make sure that you plan ahead to ensure that your job site will bear the weight of your mini digger.

Check if the digger is well-maintained
Ideally, you would an experienced digger operator who will help you to check the machine for potential issues. However, reputable mini digger dealers always have their machines well maintained and regularly serviced.

It is very important to ensure that you have sufficient fuel to prevent the engine from cutting out during an excavation and creating a dangerous imbalance. Many accidents happen because the driver failed to ensure that the machine had enough fuel. If the engine cuts out during operation, it could cause an accident.